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Feb 15, 2023
10:30 PM
Before Qiu Zicen could react, he saw the dejected mollusk suddenly jump up with a shout, pulled out a small waist knife, and played four crooked knife flowers. Shit! Leave the country! Wash up and wait, Grandpa, I'm coming! Fanwai Rolled Steamed Bun Fanwai: Stealing the Country (3) Seen from the side of the ship, the sea level is a boundless blue line. At the end of the line, a red or golden sun shines on the vast expanse of water, which is sparkling like scattered gold. At the bottom of the water, which is as clear as blue silk, you can see a huge school of herring swaying past, like a sea God gracefully shaking off a multicolored brocade. What a magnificent view!!! "" Someone stood on the side of the ship, with a cloak to keep out the wind, angry at the bullfight. Ow.. He was answered by the sound of vomiting in a desperate struggle. Youtiaoer looked back sadly, looking at a prince who had lost his vitality like a dead dog since he got on the boat and had no spirit of jumping up and down on the land. Master, you spit and spit, haven't you got used to it? "I'm never going to get used to misery." Baozi collapsed on the deck, dying in front of a pool of spitting water, the twins sent snow-white silk to wipe his mouth, serious endocrine disorders led to a bad mood of Baozi, a wave of silk, grabbed Waner's new upper body of light purple silk satin skirt to wipe, the poor little girl did not dare to be angry or speak,endless swim spa, tearful and motionless. Wait for the master to make a mess of her new skirt. Master, didn't you come here last time? I didn't hear that you were seasick? Youtiao was puzzled. The steamed stuffed bun put his big head on the side of the boat and said, "I don't know." He looked up at his arm plaintively. He had never been afraid of water since his godfather planted the beads for him. However, when he got on the boat this time, blue light suddenly appeared in the skin of his arm. The light became more and more brilliant, and he vomited more and more fiercely, which made his subordinates on the boat look at him more strangely. Look, look, look? Never seen a man throw up? Baozi angrily looked up at the sky,massage bathtub manufacturers, trying to pull out his godfather who had already ascended to immortality-Hey, what are you doing? Have the beads passed their expiration date and become invalid? Allergic? The twins came over timidly, carrying washing water and lunch. The steamed stuffed bun glanced at it and saw a steamed white fish. He frowned and said, "Hey, I don't like fish. Why did you do it again?" It's true that Baozi doesn't like fish since he was a child, so he won't be tired of it if he doesn't stay overnight. But since Chu Feihuan planted the beads into his body, he was sick to his stomach when he saw the fish. At this time, he was vomiting half dead. Seeing that there were fish, he couldn't help being angry. You don't like this? Waner blinked her big eyes in surprise. "But on the first day on the boat, you loved the fish ball soup made with this kind of fish. You also praised it and said that you would like it next time. The cook on the boat kept it in mind and wanted to make it for you again. But this fish is hard to catch. I only got one today. It's not enough to make balls. The cook said that steaming is especially delicious and specially steamed for you to eat." The steamed stuffed bun stared and said in astonishment, "What?"? The soup I drank on the first day was not meatballs or fish balls? The twins nodded in unison. The steamed stuffed bun stared at the fish for a long time, put the chopsticks down heavily, and said sadly, "So that's it, it's the ghost of the fish!" He waved hurriedly, "Go, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,indoor endless pool, go, go!" The twins immediately obediently withdrew the dishes. In the middle of the withdrawal, the steamed stuffed bun suddenly said, "Wait a minute." The two men turned around and stared at the steamed stuffed bun in a daze, but the steamed stuffed bun seemed to think of something. He just laughed at himself. He laughed for a long time until Qiu Zicen looked at him with the eyes of a neuropathy. Then he hurriedly said, "Well, you two are here, secretly eating." "The maidservant dare not.." "What are you talking about when you're told to eat?" The steamed stuffed bun stared at him with big eyes, and the twins obediently obeyed orders. Youtiao had always been a ghost. After thinking about it, he rolled his eyes and said tentatively, "Master, you don't like fish. Don't you want people to know about it?" "Yes.".
"Baozi smiled," but, Youtiao, when did your master not like to eat fish? Your master loves to eat fish. When he sees fish, he can't move his legs. Have you forgotten? Youtiao curled his lips at his master, showing a look of "you're playing tricks again". The steamed stuffed bun is just happy to think, Lao Niang taught, virtual is real, real is virtual, and taught, at any time can not reveal your weakness, if there is a weakness, but also try to disguise it as an advantage, this time he brought this group of people, although they are all the original Niang's lineal, but the woods are big, it is hard to avoid some mutation varieties, a rat droppings bad a pot of porridge. Those who have left home to pry the corners of other people's houses outside still have to play more tricks, and have to play a lot. Fortunately, his boat was alone, with only a few of the most trusted people, he could not eat sea fish, in addition to a few people in front of no one else knows. Wiping his mouth with a smirk and looking up at the sea and sky ahead through the curtained cabin, the steamed stuffed bun suddenly jumped up and shouted, "Oh, my God.." Youtiaoer slowly picked up a piece of fat white fish dorsal fin, and helped the master to take the next sentence in his spare time:.. I finally see the land.. "Bang!" "You didn't tell me when you arrived!" The prince, who longed for land, kicked over the stool and ran out like a wolf. Poor Youtiao father-in-law, holding up half a piece of fish, looked at the little faces of the twins splashed with the other half of the fish, showing a smile that was uglier than crying. It's not good to meet the Lord.. ??????????? Before and after the two ships docked in the dock, but for a while can't go ashore, because there are many boats in front of the line, the white stone steps on the shore, standing in a row of silver armor and blue robes of the tough bodyguard, these bodyguard armor bright, waist flying fish bone light dazzling, lined up on the shore, will watch the bustle of life and wait for the landing of the people and businessmen blocked outside,China spa factory, look at the costume, it is from the imperial palace guard, The most powerful "Flying Shark Guard". monalisa.com

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