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Feb 15, 2023
10:30 PM
"? ! " With a roar, a third-level primary monster was forced to the water's edge, looking at the monsters around him, it has no way out, now it, only the backwater battle, with its own bull's eyes, swept a circle of these monsters, it does not know when to start, the second-level earth, even the first-level geese and sparrows dare to find their own trouble. The culprit of all this is the same guy in front of him. Moo! With a loud roar from the cause, he lowered his head and rushed directly to the cause in front of him. In its view, the only thing that can break through this encirclement is this point, defeat the guy in front of you, you can escape, if not defeated, then here is your hiding place today! "? ! " In the same way, Yin over there gave a loud roar and then rushed up with his head down. Bang! With a sound, two intersections, four on each side, a total of eight horns, twisted together, constantly attacking each other, when the two sides were deadlocked, suddenly a strong pressure was put down from the sky, which was all on one of the causes,jacuzzi bath spa, if it was normal, under such pressure, the cause could still escape, but now. It can't escape. At the moment of pressure, he felt his feet were a little weak. This pressure was the last straw to crush it. At this time, the three earth beside him also started up, ran to the side of the cause, turned around, kicked the past, just kicked the body of the cause,Chinese spa manufacturer, a huge impact, directly kicked the cause to the ground. Then the pressure was pressed down directly, because it was impossible to move. Moo! At this time, the only cause of the attack came up to the guy and gave a low cry. After struggling a few times fruitlessly, the cause also gave up, when it stopped struggling, a huge yellow light came straight into the sky, and then entered the consciousness of Zhou Ling, the third-level primary monster, directly increased 20 square kilometers of land. This not only increased the territory that Zhou Ling now controls, but also increased his mental strength again, reaching more than 22%. Just because he released his faith to show that he was convinced, Zhou Ling over there breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, it's over. It's said that cow temper, cow temper, is really not wrong, because although it's not a cow, but the temper is really smelly and hard enough! Grinning, best whirlpool tub ,garden jacuzzi tub, Zhou Ling muttered. Originally, Zhou Ling wanted to collect all the monsters in the vicinity directly, but now it seems that he thinks too much. Now Zhou Ling's pressure can only be used about forty times at most. Basically, if he develops a little brain, he can use it twice. More than 40 times, in Zhou Ling's view, it should not be a problem to deal with these monsters, but who knows, the first battle was almost finished. Zhou Ling in order to deal with this guy, has used nearly 30 times of mental pressure, this guy is really tenacious. I'm not convinced. Do you have any moves! Zhou Ling didn't want to kill it, so he could only play this game with it. This guy was running around like this. If it weren't for the fact that he was really not good at swimming (the first fish Zhou Ling caught at the beginning almost drowned in the water), he would not dare to go down to this bottomless lake, then Zhou Ling would have no way out. And inside the lake, it is not as simple as imagined, these monsters can not enter the lake, but Zhou Ling can. His pressure is from heaven, but his perspective is 3D, he can dive into the water to observe the situation inside the water. In this lake, there are not only fish, mussels, but also many other fish, many aquatic animals that Zhou Ling has never seen. There are also at least three kinds of fish with wings, each of which is three or four meters long, some of which are first-class monsters, some of which are zero-class, and one of which looks like a shark.
However, this kind of shark is surprisingly big, at least a dozen meters long. It usually makes a living by hunting mussels. This fish is even scarier than the great white shark, and it can hunt mussels. This proves that this guy must be at least a monster above the third level. But what really rules these waters is not this shark, but a dragon. Zhou Ling is not clear whether it is a dragon or not, but it really looks like a dragon head, its body looks like a snake, and its length is at least 200 meters. Usually, it sits at the bottom of the water. According to the map of Zhou Ling, the red dot is already a little red and black, which proves that this guy is not what Zhou Ling can deal with at all. The only time it appears is when hunting, Zhou Ling unfortunately saw the scene of its hunting once, the bloody scene. So don't say that this is because I would rather fight to the death with these monsters of Zhou Ling than enter the water. A few small slips in the water were enough for him to drink a pot, and this was also the reason why there were no monsters above level four in the waters. Zhou Ling knows, now can't afford to provoke, can't afford to provoke, then hide beside it! After this reason, Zhou Ling is ready to rest, after all, in order to catch this guy is also very tired, directly let their own these monsters, away from the lake, also rest. Just as Zhou Ling was about to quit the fairy world, he suddenly found that there were several red dots in Huawei Town, and each of these red dots was bright red with blood. The map of Zhou Ling shows the strength of the other side, which is based on Zhou Ling. The 0-level monsters and ordinary people are shown in light pink, the first-level monsters and the people in the foundation period like Meng Lei are shown in pink, while the second-level monsters and the people in the opening period are shown in light red, and the third-level monsters. Bright red! For Zhou Ling, no stranger, that horse is bright red, representing the four-level monster,Whirlpool bathtub, and these people, is also bright red, that represents the golden elixir period!. monalisa.com

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