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Bu Qingyun laughed when he saw it
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Feb 15, 2023
10:23 PM
"Ha ha.." Bu Qingyun laughed when he saw it, and without saying much, he took out a jar of wine and handed it to the fat man behind him. I I refuse Chu Fatty wanted to continue to insist, but the other side pulled out the lid of the wine, and the fragrance of the wine came to his nostrils. He could no longer control it, so he grabbed it and drank it in big gulps. I don't know which side of the boundless desert the crescent mountain is on, especially when the mountain seems to have long feet. Walking around the desert, today may be in front of us, and tomorrow may be thousands of miles away, which is even more difficult to find. I don't know how big this desert is, but Buqingyun feels that being here is like a boat in the sea, so small and helpless. Is this a desert that has existed since ancient times, or has something happened? These days he is always thinking about this question, also asked Chu Fei, the latter is also unaware, not to mention them, that is, those predecessors and elders have not known. Don't think about it. The most important thing now is to find the Crescent Mountains as soon as possible. We have only three months in the real world, and the door of reincarnation will be opened again after three months. If we can't go back.. Chu Fei said with some lack of confidence, he thought it was not difficult to find the mountains, but when he put it into action, he found that it was boundless, there was no end in sight, and there was no trace of the way he came. Step by step is also very anxious,ceramic igniter electrodes, every day of delay, who knows how the strange situation of Szeto Yishan will change? So it is urgent to find the unknown antidote, even if there is only a glimmer of hope, he will not give up! For the sake of the Iraqi people in my heart, no matter how difficult it is, no matter how slim the hope is, I will never give up! Just because.. Love! After resting for a while, they began to go on their way again, and the farther they went,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, the hotter they felt, which showed that they had gradually penetrated into the depths of the desert. Chu Fei, who was leading the walk, suddenly stopped. Beads of sweat rolled down his forehead. He looked at his left hand and his pupils contracted. "I saw it." What did you see? Crescent Mountains? Bu Qingyun raised his eyebrows and asked. I see it! I see why this is a desert! It was a great war, the sky was dark, the mountains and rivers were pale, the time was staggered, the whole continent was about to collapse, space was torn apart, many powerful people fell into it and died! Chu Fatty looked ahead, not knowing when his eyes turned red with excitement. Bu Qingyun in the side can deeply feel his excitement, right hand on his shoulder, then close your eyes, the mind immediately emerged Chu Fei mouth said the scene, vividly, as if personally experienced in general. He did not know why the fat man had this feeling, 10g Ozone Generator ,Ceramic Band Heater, and after a long time, Chu Fei recovered. Why is there a powerful force lurking within me? He muttered to himself, not knowing that this power had existed since the night he stayed in the Moon City. He immediately shook his head, looked ahead, and said with a message in his eyes, "I know where the Crescent Mountains are!" Chapter 70 the Crescent Mountains. Step Qingyun eyebrows a pick, a happy heart, at the same time many doubts come one after another, why Chu Fei can sense the crescent mountain range? Is it the matchless power lurking in its body? If so, what happened to Chu Fei in Liuyue City that night, was it a ghost? Or did you meet the adventure in the rumor? He immediately gave a wry smile. These things are beyond his knowledge. No matter how he thinks about them, he may not be able to find an answer. When the boat comes to the bridge, it will go straight. When the car comes to the mountain, there must be a road. Let everything take its course. But Chu Fatty was so open-minded that he did not know whether to comfort himself or to laugh with his companions. Two people are cheerful people, think impassable things will be forgotten in a moment, fate will know each other, do not have to force. Back on the road, this time is no longer aimless, the direction is very clear. It is now evening, and it is rare to feel cool in this desert. Looking at the sky, I am afraid that in half an hour, the temperature will drop sharply. Chu Fei's footwork is flexible, leading the way in front, followed by step Qingyun, who does not waste any time, even when he is on his way, he is seriously familiar with this footwork and comprehends it.
It was thought that the fat man and the crescent mountain would soon be able to find the crescent mountain, but it took him five days to see the oasis hundreds of miles away. Two people met a smile, then spread the pace to move forward, seven or eight days in a row in this desert without a shop in front of the village, is really a kind of unspeakable suffering, especially there will always be monsters from time to time, even a good sleep can not sleep. Although there are monsters, it is a pity that they are all inferior monsters and have not yet produced demon crystals. I finally found it! Chu Fei shouted happily, and the excitement in his expression was known at a glance, and he was directly happy. In the Crescent Mountains, people who come to explore the real world every five hundred years ago have gained something. Ancient artifacts have been unearthed once or twice, and in the mountains, opportunities will come at any time, which makes people yearn for this place very much. Seen from a distance, the crescent mountain range, as its name suggests, is sharp and steep on both sides, with a concave arc in the middle, as if the waning moon were hanging upside down. As soon as I stepped out of the mountains, I had an illusion that it was like a world apart. The next step was the boundless desert, which was hot during the day and cold at night. In front of me was a green landscape. I could also see some birds and animals, streams and streams, flowers in full bloom, and a green grassland. There were occasional clouds and mists on the peaks. The crescent mountains were like a fairyland on earth. Bu Qingyun felt a little unrealistic. He turned his head and looked around again. It took him a long time to accept the great contrast. The same is true of Chu Fei on one side. It's really hard to imagine that there is such a mountain range, such an oasis, in this desert where weeds do not grow and vegetation does not grow. I heard from my elders that there are thirteen clear lakes and three streams in this mountain range, one of which seems to have a very strong spiritual fluctuation at the junction with the clear lake! Because time was pressing at that time,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, the elder did not have time to explore, so he left such a message before he died. Chu Fei said, looking at his expression is very excited. global-ceramics.com

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