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Feb 08, 2023
6:44 PM
I also know that your parents are currently in prison. Your brother works in the garage during the day and attends the college entrance examination repetition class at night. In addition, Chi Yinfeng is the eldest of a group of delinquent teenagers. As for you. He looked down at the documents in his hand, "Although you entered Yunze, you are the lowest one on the admission score line, so you only deserve to go to the recording department to mix degrees.". Your record shows that from childhood to adulthood, you are not outstanding in learning and sports. The only thing that makes you different is that besides your amazing record of being late, leaving early and skipping classes, your classmates and teachers always encounter inexplicable bad luck. So, "throwing aside the information in his hand, he raised his head," with such origin, family background and seniority, what capital do you think you have to seduce.. " Rong Juncheng's eyes were as gloomy as the sky before the snow. "Heir of the Rong Group?" Verse 39: Mickey's Sweetheart House (39) Rong's Group's.. Heir. Ai opened his eyes wide. Is he talking about Lei Jianxi? In a flash of lightning, in Lei Jianxi's room, the newspaper clipping attached to the photo appeared in front of her eyes- "Grandfather and grandson go to dinner together, Rong's enterprise has successors"-no wonder I always feel that the word "Rong's" has been heard somewhere; no wonder this arrogant old man in front of me looks familiar,uns c70600, so.. "I know," Xiao Ai laughed, "you are Lei Jianxi's grandfather!" After a long time, it turned out that Lei Jianxi was the "Crown Prince" of a multinational group! Such a rich guy has the nerve to make a stingy look and haggle over the monthly expenses of water, electricity and coal with her! See how she goes back and knocks him hard, roar. Rong Juncheng narrowed his eyes, and his two thick gray eyebrows twisted together in a thunderous manner. Miss Chi,x52 line pipe, "he sneered," I advise you to stop acting. I've seen too many people like you. Low-born, bad family background, no one to raise and teach, although do not know what is respect for the old and love the young, what is the courtesy of education, but there is a dirty idea of getting something for nothing in one step. Of course, you know the true identity of Lei Jianxi very well, otherwise, how can you try your best to get into the place where he attends classes, let alone live with him shamelessly. "Just say it, x70 line pipe ,316ti stainless steel," his voice lashed across the vast office like a whip. "How much will it cost you to get away from my grandson?" Get something for nothing, leave no stone unturned, beg for nothing. Dirty thoughts. Also Fuck off. Thick, slightly curled eyelashes fell down, hiding all the expressions in her eyes. No wonder she was lucky enough to be summoned by the chairman, no wonder she was able to meet the big man alone on the top floor of the building. She was seen as a potential threat to the Rong family. When he raised his eyes again, there was a sly smile on Xiao Ai's face. Old man Ray. "My surname is Rong!!!" Rong Juncheng roared. Em shrugged. "All right, old man Rong.". Perhaps in terms of etiquette and upbringing, you are right. I don't know much about talking to people and talking to ghosts. But when it comes to where I come from. She smiled mischievously. "I have to correct you.". My family background is definitely not low, and my family background is definitely not bad. Do you know what my great-great-grandfather and great-grandfather did? Rong Juncheng frowned-what is this girl talking about?! My great-great-grandfather was a great grave robber. If anyone has ever been to the underground tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuang, it must be him. My great-grandfather was an arms dealer. During the civil war, it was said that the money he earned could not fit in several ships. Although both of them are very powerful, they are not great figures in the history of the Chi family.
"Xiao Ai's line of sight provocatively met the two clusters of gloomy eyes burning with anger across the desk." Do you know what powerful roles the Chi family has played? Underworld boss, loan shark, professional killer, swindler, robber, gambler.. She raised her chin. "I bet you can't get a better pedigree than me all over the country!" "You.." Rong Juncheng's face was livid and his eyebrows were gradually raised-he had never seen anyone so complacent because he was the descendant of a murderer. What are kids thinking these days?! "As for me begging for nothing to rely on Lei Jianxi." Ignoring Rong Juncheng's angry face, Xiao Ai went on to say, "I'm sorry, I'm afraid you said the opposite.". In fact, the person who can't live without me now is your precious grandson-without me, he can't live like this every day. Of course, Lei Jianxi's real mood should be "full of anger and bitter taste". "He has long been used to the dinner I prepared for him, and once, he was even moved to cry; In fact, Lei Jianxi almost cried that time because all the dishes on the table were burnt, but the rice was still raw. Of course, what he liked most was my singing. He wouldn't be able to sleep if he didn't sing a lullaby for him one night! This sentence is true, one of Lei Jianxi's most feared things is to be frightened to wake up by her midnight singing, so he usually waits until he is sure that she has finished practicing her voice and will not suddenly come out with an aria before he goes back to his room to sleep. "So, Mr. Chairman," she continued with a smile, turning the swivel chair under her body, "I have a piece of advice for you. Instead of bringing me here to coerce and lure me, you might as well persuade your grandson to spend the rest of his noble and rich life with you, or to live an ordinary and happy life with me, a little girl with dirty ideas. Verse 40: Mickey's Sweetheart House (40) Xiao Ai looked at Rong Juncheng's gray eyebrows with satisfaction and raised them to 90 degrees. -General! Sure enough,x70 line pipe, she guessed right! No wonder Lei Jianxi never mentioned his own life experience, no wonder he did not follow the family name, it seems that there is really a big problem between him and Grandpa Rong! Silence enveloped the office. lksteelpipe.com

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