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Jintang Spring by September Light Song
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Feb 08, 2023
6:28 PM
From the bottom of his heart, he certainly hoped that she would become his counsellor and nemesis in the future, so that he could compete with the King of Yan in a situation of equal strength. Thinking of this, he could not help trying to recall the past life, and finally only frowned with chagrin. In his previous life, he had never heard of the absurd things about Rong Guogong, and he had never known the existence of the woman Sang Rao before and after he was in distress. So what's going on? Did she never have the heart to punish Rong Guogong, or did she hide in the dark and smile coldly as Rong Guogong was executed by Shi Tingyi? I don't have a clue. I can't figure out the answer. Back to the East Palace, the prince saw the figure of Han Yuelin in the distance. Han Yuelin and Zhao Hua, in the end or to tie the knot. Ever since he heard about the marriage, he has been angry about it. Ning and Shi Tingyi, Han Yuelin and Zhaohua are the same thing, he just changed the process, failed to change the outcome. In his previous life, Han Yuelin got married earlier than the King of Yan. He and Zhao Hua are the most talked about stories besides the couple of the King of Yan. In a previous life, Zhao Hua had two daughters and a son, and the mother and son were almost spoiled by Han Yuelin. In this life, they can't. Even if Hua Tuo was alive, she could not be allowed to have children as usual. Only by thinking of these things can he feel better. The cold face of Han Yuelin in his previous life,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, the means of helping him to act coldly, made him think that it was the hatred of his teeth. He just wanted Han Yuelin not to have a complete life and lose his children and grandchildren. But Thinking that the cause of Princess Zhaohua's poisoning was likely to be found out, the prince could not help but change his face. If Han Yuelin and Ning knew that he had ordered people to do it, then. Their pastime for the rest of their lives, I'm afraid, is to try to torture him. There must be no evidence of that. However, it is clear that there is evidence-witnesses. He went to the study, wrote a note,outdoor ficus tree, and then tied the note to the leg of the carrier pigeon himself and released the pigeon. Chapter 091 love. Chapter 091 Favor (I). When he entered the Tangli Palace, he met Dr. Gu. Because of Princess Zhaohua's explanation, Dr. Gu's fear of Ning dissipated for the most part, only full of respect. Seeing that the other party's attitude had improved a lot, he asked with a smile, "Can you feel my pulse when you are free?" "Of course," said Doctor Gu, "I'll be waiting for your Highness's summons at any time." "Well, I'll send someone to pick you up another day." Ning nodded and smiled and went to see Princess Zhaohua. Shi Tingyi is sincerely holding the idea of Suiyuan in the matter of children, and she was the same at first, but now it is different. She did not want to say much to him, but she loved him, perhaps as much as any woman's feelings for the right person. Under such a premise, faux ficus tree ,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, she could not accept that there were shortcomings in the years with him. Want to give birth to a child for him, want to make him a father, want to let the child get his love-just as he got a mountain of father's love. Princess Chu once said with a smile that men who like children do not necessarily like cats and dogs, but most men who like cats and dogs like children from the bottom of their hearts. Finally, he laughed and joked, "I'm waiting to see you compete with your children for favor in the future.". At that time, Princess Jin was busy smiling in agreement. Shi Tingyi won't do anything about his children. The queen is good for them from the bottom of her heart, long-term arrangement, but she has a fear of the doctor, usually just perfunctory, let them give a prescription for nourishment. If it goes on like this, when will she be happy? It is said that it is not good to give birth to a child too early, and it is not good to give birth to a child too late. She can't always follow the fate, if she delays to have another child in her twenties. The children of women of the same age are more than ten years old, and it's time to get married. If she didn't have a poor physical foundation, she would have had a happy pulse long ago. She and he, a lot of time is simply excessive indulgence, the last two months, her life before and after ten days, is simply endless obsession. Speaking of it, he seemed to think only in those days, and at other times he was either too busy or only willing to talk to her and let her sleep in a warm and peaceful atmosphere. Entering the main hall of Tangli Palace, he gathered these thoughts. Princess Zhaohua came out with a smile and took Ning's hand. "Fourth sister-in-law, come on, I'll measure you." "Are you going to make me a new dress?" He Ning asked with a smile. Yes.
I have only one thing to do on weekdays, and I want to make some clothes for you. Princess Zhaohua led Zan Ning to the inner room, measuring the size and explaining, "I turned over the almanac a few days ago, and today it is suitable to measure the size and cut clothes." Ning is happy. "I am really blessed.". But you mustn't be tired. "This kind of thing is simple and not tiring." Afterward, Kui Ning checked himself again: "I occasionally make clothes for your fourth elder brother. I never think of when to start, but I don't see how to live." Princess Zhaohua could not help chuckling, "you are not a taboo temperament, these are not effective for you.". I'm not very fastidious on weekdays, but this is the first time I've made clothes for you, so I don't have to pick a good day. If others can't see it, it's not good to gossip. "Well, that's true." Princess Zhaohua measured the size and wrote it down carefully. "Look at your slender waist," she said with a frown. "It's too thin. The fourth elder brother is also really, married the wife how also did not know to raise you white fat? "I'm not a pig," he said. "I can't get fat if I want to." One sentence made Zhaohua laugh out loud. Then he suggested, "Why don't you ask Dr. Gu to feel your pulse? I think her medical skill is one in a million." "Well, I was just going to tell you about it when I saw Dr. Gu just now. Thinking of my broken body, I asked her to feel my pulse when she was free." "That's settled. Don't dawdle. Tomorrow I'll send Doctor Gu to Shichahai." He would rather be decisive and ruthless in the face of great events, but he is used to dilly-dallying in everything on weekdays. Zhaohua heard Han Yuelin say this. OK Ning nodded with a smile,large artificial blossom trees, "listen to you, listen to you in the future." In front of her is her future sister-in-law. If you don't listen to her, who will you listen to. hacartificialtree.com

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