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Jan 16, 2023
6:25 PM
This is normal, these examiners may not be as outstanding as Li Chi when they were young, but they also had a high-spirited moment. After the palace examination, the candidates were given a day off. On the day of the palace examination, many ministers and princes accompanied Emperor Zhenwen on his inspection tour,38 needle valve, and those who should know what happened at that time should also know. But Li Chi in the green Zhu yuan rest this day, Li Fu unexpectedly did not move, perhaps did not realize that he did not use the pot of ink in the palace examination? Li Jing did not look for Li Chi, so Li Chi also made a gesture of recuperation spirit, concentrating on the rest in the green Zhu courtyard. Then, on the 22nd day of the second month, three hundred Gongshi again entered the palace at dawn to attend the grand ceremony after the palace examination. When they entered the palace for inspection, they were given uniform Jinshi uniforms to wear. The Gongshi who entered the palace today were all Jinshi when they came out. Whether it is Zhuangyuan, Bangyan and Tanhua in the first class,needle valve manufacturer, Jinshi in the second class, or Tongjinshi in the third class, they are all called Jinshi. Under the leadership and command of the officials of the Ministry of Rites, the Gongshi arranged in two rows outside the Hall of Supreme Harmony according to the order of the examination, waiting for the ceremony to begin. The Hall of Supreme Harmony, also known as the Golden Throne Hall, is the place where important ceremonies are held. On weekdays, the emperor does not go to court here. However, because today is the grand ceremony to announce the ranking after the triennial palace examination, even if today is not the day to go to court, all the ministers who are qualified to go to court will still come to the palace. At this time in the Hall of Supreme Harmony, Emperor Zhenwen received the top ten answers handed over by the judges of the palace examination. Ladies and gentlemen, if you look at these ten answers, which one do you think is higher? Emperor Zhenwen asked the chief eunuch who accompanied him to take down the ten answer sheets. Although Zhenwen emperor said is "all love the minister" look at these ten answers, but also just let a few ministers look at it, hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,stainless steel needle valve, of course, it is impossible to let all the courtiers in the hall see. And this time also ignored the adult into the court, divided into two columns before the civil and military, Zhao Yi and Zhao Jian and other eight princes. At the head of a column of civil servants on the left, Zhou Shoufu took the ten answers handed over by the chief eunuch. The first answer sheet on the top was the draft written article they had read with Emperor Zhenwen yesterday. Zhou Shoufu looked at the answer sheet in the back again, and after a rough sweep of his eyes, he understood. This order should have been arranged by the emperor, but now it is only a hint that the courtiers echo it. Back to your majesty, I think this Li Chi should be ranked first for the champion, Sun Yulin should be ranked second, as for the third flower and the fourth biography. It should be between Zhong Lishu and Li Ganan. But I said it was not good for these two people which is higher or lower, but also need your majesty to choose. What does Wang Zhangyuan think? Wang Zhangyuan, a scholar in charge of the Hanlin Academy, took the answer sheet handed over by Zhou Shoufu and said something similar to Zhou Shoufu after reading it. Then Wang Zhangyuan handed the answer sheet to General Qian Wuwei, the head of the military commanders on the right.
"Your Majesty, old money, I am a boor, how can I judge the level of their scholars!"! Your Majesty looks at the platoon, as long as it is your Majesty's platoon, I think the old money is all right! "Ha ha ha!" Emperor Zhenwen laughed at what Qian Wuwei said and waved to the eunuch attendant to fetch the answer sheet. Old money, you! "In that case, Li Chi will be the Number One Scholar, and the Imperial Academy will be given a set of four treasures of the study, six hundred taels of gold, and six yuan and a mansion of the Number One Scholar.". Sun Yulin for the second place, Li Gan Eucalyptus for the flower, both awarded the Hanlin Academy editor. Zhong Li's book is Chuan Lu, and the ranking outside Chuan Lu is based on the high and low ranking judged by the judges. In this imperial examination, there were three men in the first class, ninety-seven men in the second class, and two hundred men in the third class. Now that Emperor Zhenwen had spoken out, there was naturally a special person who drew up what he said as an imperial edict. Another official from the Ministry of Rites withdrew to complete the list. As for the extra rewards given to Li Chi by Emperor Zhenwen, the four treasures of the study, six hundred taels of gold, a six-yuan mansion and the first Zhuangyuan mansion, this was not worth the opposition of the ministers. After the Linhuai government examination, the emperor said, 'Don't disturb Li Chi, let him study hard first', and began to implement the policy of'adapting measures to local conditions', the courtiers had expected it. At that time, they knew that if there was no accident, Li Chi would definitely be treated differently by the emperor after he came up. But now because of Li Chi's "six yuan and the first", because of Li Chi's palace examination to answer the question, and make the emperor more like him. "Fengtian Chengyun imperial system Yue:" Li Chi was granted the title of Number One Scholar in the Imperial Examination in the 20th year of Zhenwen. He was granted the title of the Imperial Academy. He was granted a set of four treasures of the study, six hundred taels of gold, six yuan and a mansion of Number One Scholar. Sun Yulin was awarded the second place in the list, Li Gan Eucalyptus was awarded the second place in the list, and the Hanlin Academy was given the title of editor. Ninety-seven people, including Zhong Lishu,stainless steel tube fitting, were given the title of Jinshi. Two hundred people, including Wang Qianyu, were given the same Jinshi background. chinaroke.com

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