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Jan 16, 2023
6:18 PM
When I was helped out of the car, I saw the sky in the distance full of flowers and colored balls, which was more colorful than what I saw through a piece of glass. The square is surrounded by people watching the ceremony, including foreign guests and people from the fifth district, while relatives and friends are arranged not far from the high platform. .. When Chi heard this trembling and joyful voice, he turned his head and saw Chi Meng standing beside a tall and handsome man in a green military uniform. She was wearing a little red dress today, with a striking silver-red diamond collar around her neck, and her hair was pulled up in a princess bun, with a ruby crown slanted in it. She was beautiful and moving, completely different from the pure angel she had seen that day. Chi called out "sister" in a somewhat complicated way. Everyone knew that they were two sisters, and when they saw this, they stopped. Ji Xiu, a tall officer beside Chi Meng, came over with her on his arm and said to Siang, "Siang, congratulations." Si Ang nodded to him, "with joy." Ji Xiu's Qinwei heard this "Tongxi" and could not help glaring at him. Others were not clear. Don't they know what happened to the woman who held the adult ceremony today? This guy snatched people to the fifth district, and even had the face to say "Tongxi". He was so thick-skinned that he couldn't even shoot through. Chi Meng gave her a hug, smiled with tears, and said happily,deep draw stamping, "Congratulations on your coming of age." "Thank you." Chi said softly. Although Chi Meng was very happy that her sister was finally like a woman and did not have to live such a dangerous and terrible life, she also knew that she had not asked her opinion at the beginning, so she exposed her identity to the army and made her sister suffer a lot. Then she said guiltily, "No matter what, my sister wants you to be fine." "I know." Chi said calmly. I didn't know Duanmu would shoot you. Speaking of this man, Chi Meng trembled obviously and then continued, "I'm sorry to make you suffer." "It's over." Chi is still calm. Chi Meng finally felt wrong and wanted to say something more, and Lu Xing next to him reminded him that the time was about the same. Si Ang politely said sorry to Ji Xiu and took Chi Chao forward. Chi Meng hesitated to speak and looked at her sister who was walking up to the high platform with a sad look on her face,deep draw stamping, but when she was gently holding her arm and turned to look at the people in the fourth district, she covered all her emotions. At the foot is the red carpet spreading forward, all the way to a high platform in the center of Guangcheng. On the high platform is a background of flower wall, surrounded by unknown gems, which is full of colorful colors in the sunshine. Chi felt that his eyes were going to be blinded. In front of the high platform were the high-ranking guests from various districts who came to watch the ceremony, staring at her with hot eyes, as if they were going to strip her naked. Farther away, there are some officers who are not too high in rank. Looking from the high platform, they can be called a sea of people. Like a puppet, Chi completed various ceremonies according to the instructions of the master of ceremonies until the ceremony was almost over, and when she bent down to receive the token representing her adulthood, suddenly there was a violent explosion in the distance, and the whole ground shook. A loud alarm sounded in the distance. Chapter 106 more men than women. In an instant, a tall building not far away was blown a hole, die cast light housing ,alloy die casting, like a disaster film across the screen, collapsed, and the crowd around them screamed in despair and scattered in all directions. Smoke and air waves from the explosion spread over the clean city in an instant. In the twinkling of an eye, what had been a lively and solemn ceremony turned into a catastrophe, and the sound of the enemy's attack resounded sharply throughout the city. A group of helmeted men appeared from nowhere, armed with guns, and rushed into the crowd to shoot, human screams mixed with gunfire. All right, you bring her safely back to the Lord's castle. Si Ang took out the communicator to mobilize the guards in the city, and at the same time, he told her to go to the place where she had not yet reacted. When she almost threw herself into her arms, she suddenly tightened her hand and stopped. Chi was a little confused and turned to look at him in a hurry. Lu Xing had already opened his hand, ready to pick up a person full, see this scene, is also confused.
Facing her eyes, Sion hesitated for only a moment, then stepped forward, put his hands on her shoulders, bowed his head and kissed her mouth fiercely, and the strong and domineering male breath infected her breath. After a hard kiss, he jumped off the high platform with yuanxi and others and strode towards the place of the explosion. Chi covered his red and swollen mouth and watched Siang leave. His eyes swept over the chaos under the high platform, and he found that the guests from all walks of life who came to attend the ceremony, escorted by their own guards, left to a safe place, but some men obviously ran to the high platform. Damn Lu Xing saw this scene and naturally knew the purpose of these men. Nothing is more convenient than fishing in troubled waters. Obviously, these men think that if Siang leaves here, they will have a chance to attack Chi. With a low curse, he dragged Chi to another passage behind the high platform. The commander asked him to stay not only to guard against those who lurk in the dark, but also to guard against these men who fish in troubled waters. Wearing high-heeled shoes, Chi stumbled and was pulled by him, running naturally not fast. With a low curse, he gave her the long sword that he had put in his place and said, "No matter who comes later, you can stab him directly. You're welcome." With these words, he picked her up and ran. Chi grabbed the sword, and through her shoulder, she saw several men jumping up on the high platform and running towards them. Like a chase game, as long as you catch it, it's theirs. There was an irrepressible excitement on the faces of the men, and their strong bodies, like cheetahs in the wilderness, were incredibly fast. Men in this world, as long as they have the genetic information of warriors, are so powerful that they can't be imagined by normal people, which is why the army is ruled by these men. In the distance were falling buildings, the sound of gunfire,non standard fasteners, missiles flying low, the sound of explosions, and not far behind them were a group of men chasing them like wild animals. autoparts-dx.com

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