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Jan 16, 2023
5:53 PM
Cattail leaf fan-like double palm, one when the chest to grasp, one when the head to split! It can be seen that the two types of this move have solidified the true force, only one type, the handsome figure in white can not live. When the chest is caught, the belly is opened; when the head is split, the brain is cracked: it is absolutely grief and anger, and grief and anger are extreme. The handsome man in white grinned grimly, "Old Ge, you dare!" He also made a move, and his right arm was able to move. It was also one move, two moves, one seal and one beat. A seal sealed the grasp, and a clap hit the chop. The handsome figure in white was no good to Guan Shanyue, but to the burly old man. There was a bang, and the burly old man's chop was shaken to the side, and his body flashed back. Fortunately, he took the stake and stood firm in one step, and the burly old man had to attack again. The girl in black picked up her wrist and shouted, "Old Zuo!" The burly old man called out, "Lord.." "It's my daughter's job to avenge my father," said the girl in black. "But to avenge the old Lord.." said the old man. "Old Zuo," said the girl in black, "you can't get ahead of me!" It's reason! The burly old man bowed respectfully. The girl in black turned to look at the handsome man in white and said coldly, "You didn't get either, so you're going to destroy both?!" "No," said the handsome man in white, "I told my superiors to leave you with me." "You deserve to die!" Cried the girl in black. He dodged and pounced! The tenth episode is over, to be continued. madebyanunre ww?? xiaoshuotxt=com Volume 11 Chapter 1 Hand Knife Enmity Txt Novel-Paradise Never seen the skill of the girl in black,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, I don't know the depth of the female master's martial arts, but the handsome figure in white is her brother, I'm afraid. Guan Shanyue said, "The Lord." Raise your hand to stop it. The girl in black did not change her attack. "I'm trying to avenge my father," she cried angrily. "Don't let anyone get involved!" It's true that people can't get involved in avenging their father. Broadsword will "in front of these, also did not move!"! Perhaps Guan Shanyue worried too much and did not raise his hand. The girl in black rushed very fast and arrived in a flash. She was sad and powerful. A pair of jade hands flew up and down, covering the handsome figure in white. Having seen the skill of the girl in black, this female master's martial arts attainments are quite impressive! But Guan Shanyue saw that the Younger Martial Sister wanted to avenge her father, but I'm afraid it's not enough. Just as Guan Shanyue's mind was turning, the white and grey handsome figure also made a move. The brothers and sisters exchanged five or six moves in a twinkling of an eye. The girl in black made all the moves,Stainless Steel Toilet China, and all the moves were killing, but she failed to hurt the white handsome figure in the palm of her hand, and even failed to gain the slightest advantage. The handsome figure in white did not make any moves, and almost all of them were sealed off. In this way, the girl in black failed to gain the upper hand, and the gap between the brothers and sisters can be imagined. Is it because the Elder Martial Brother remembers the feelings of his brother and sister, and cannot bear to hurt the Younger Martial Sister? Is it? I'm afraid. In the twinkling of an eye is a few strokes, the tenth move, the white and grey handsome character hand suddenly tight, moves suddenly change, five fingers like a hook of the right hand, suddenly clasped the black girl Xiang shoulder "shoulder well" point. Suddenly, both of them stopped moving, the fight was still, and even the air seemed to freeze suddenly! Several members of the "Big Sword Society", the thin old man, the tall old man, and the old man in gray clothes, were frightened and wanted to move. The handsome man in white spoke coldly: "Who dares to move? Don't want her life!" The thin old man, the tall old man, Stainless Steel Squatting Pan ,Time Delay Faucet, and the old man in gray clothes were so busy that they really didn't dare to move. "Yu Wenjun, you killed me!" Cried the girl in black with a pale dimple. Yu Wenjun, a handsome man in white, smiled and said, "This is all for you. How can I give up?" "You are shameless!" Cried the girl in black. Yu Wenjun, a handsome man in white, smiled again: "Really?"? Not afraid you scold, although you-, so many years, for you, I have endured enough, as long as I can get you, it is worth it! "You're dreaming," said the girl in black. Yu Wenjun, a handsome man in white, said, Really? Aren't you already in my hands? Cried the girl in black, "The chief, the left, and the right, join hands to kill him. Leave me alone!" The thin old man, the tall old man, the old man in gray clothes, none of them spoke or moved.
Yu Wenjun, the character of Bai Huijun, smiled: "Can the three of them?"? Do you dare? The three of them still really can't, really dare not! The thin old man said, "How can the chief inspector bear the love between brothers and sisters for so many years?" It is also called "chief inspector". In fact, this time should be called "chief inspector"! Yu Wenjun, a handsome man in white, said coldly, "You, the servant, can't say anything about my brother and sister. I didn't do anything to her, did I?" "The chief inspector shouldn't have used this method," said the thin old man. "If the chief inspector wants to meet the younger martial sister, he should follow the right path.." Yu Wenjun, a handsome man in white, cut off his mouth and said, "I just said that the matter between my brother and sister can't be said by outsiders. It's not that I didn't follow the proper way. I asked her father again and again in those years. Is it useful?" The thin old man will talk about it later. The girl in black said, "Don't say any more. It's no use talking to this beast who is not a human being. Today, either he dies or I die. If he doesn't kill me, I'll kill him. I'll say it again. Don't worry about me. Join hands to kill him!" The thin old man, the tall old man and the old man in gray clothes still did not move. "Master.." said the thin old man. "Don't waste your time, Younger Martial Sister," said Yu Wenjun, a handsome man in white. "The three of them can't and dare not." The girl in black did not answer and shouted, "General Manager, Left Manager and Right Manager, you three dare not listen to orders!" Yu Wenjun, a handsome man in white, said with a smile, "I'm afraid the three of them have to take care of your life!" The girl who stopped wearing clothes will talk about it later. The handsome man in white spoke again, "You three are all old men of the Broadsword Society, aren't you?" This is a knowing question. "Not bad," said the thin old man. Yu Wenjun, a handsome man in white, said, "Are you loyal to the Broadsword Society and its leader?" "Not bad," said the thin old man. Yu Wenjun, a handsome man in white, said, "Can you sacrifice your life for the leader of the Broadsword Society?" "What do you want to do?" Asked the girl in black. Yu Wenjun,Flush Retrofit Kit, a handsome man in white, did not answer. "Of course," said the thin old man. ? cnkexin.com
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Apr 26, 2023
8:15 AM
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Apr 26, 2023
11:49 AM
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May 01, 2023
7:02 AM
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May 01, 2023
2:11 PM
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May 04, 2023
3:49 AM
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Shawn L Brock
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May 16, 2023
3:20 AM
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Dec 06, 2023
1:48 AM
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Dec 06, 2023
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Jan 25, 2024
7:25 PM

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