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How Do I Setup Verizon Email on iPhone Device?
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Jan 21, 2021
12:32 AM
Configuring Verizon email setting for iPhone requires you to follow a couple of steps. What you do is launch the “Settings” app from your iPhone device. Then, add an account registered in Verizon. Now, enter your name, your email address, password for Verizon. When it comes to providing Verizon.net IMAP settings, enter imap.aol.com as the hostname and carry out the process. And the same thing can apply for POP3 settings. With all the details mentioned in the provided spaces for Verizon email set up, you can now access your Verizon account.
Visit for more information - https://contactemail.us/verizon-email-settings-setup/
Setup Verizon Email on iPhone


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