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Earned Value and Microsoft Project
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Sep 15, 2020
12:24 AM
I guess this is a contextual analysis, pretty much, pretty much what an independent asset can do equipped with Project Management Experience, Microsoft Project, MS Excel and some of VBA encoding.

One of my convictions is that you can get brilliant outcomes by getting an external asset occasionally to go over your activities or possibly to encourage one problematic undertaking for consistence. Presently, this is the place I come in; having abilities in venture the board, am liberal, and accompany various apparatuses and aptitudes along with Microsoft venture, MS Project and Microsoft Excel coordination, and some reason assembled devices I have created.

I review one specific venture which was to repair boilers at a handling plant, the assets for the main heater were $7 million, the administration was worried by the absence of perceivability, and a strong inclination that it simply wasn't right, and they needed to complete 4 boilers, so they acquired me to see.
I started from scratch and analysed the project using techniques from earned value analysis, a detailed review of the MS Project Schedules, and a correction of the Microsoft project schedule logic, it took me a week, but at the end of that period, I had a prediction, and this was that if they did not address the situation the budget would blow out to $12.1 mil (that’s about a 73% increase) and the scheduled delivery would extend by 2 months, the key here being unless they did something about it this would happen.

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