August 4, 2013 @ 5:17 PM

Michael and Suzanne Salman are in the news today.  He is the Pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Phoenix, Arizona USA.  He built a garage, if you will, as a game room, large enough to enable him to hold Bible studies, to worship the Lord as a house church, if you will.  And the government descended upon them.  Not only did the fire department harass a barbecue outing of 20 folks having a good time per the news, but the local authorities sent the essence of a swat team to cite him for zoning and code violations.  They have not only fined him over $12,000, but have incarcerated him for 60 days.

The Apostle Paul counted his attacks and imprisonment as a time of joy for it proved his allegiance to the Lord Almighty.

The upside of Michael's imprisonment is that he will be 'accepted as one of them' in prison, having breeched the walls, and, he will be able to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all who will listen!  Hearts may be opened.  Souls may be saved!  And God's church will grow!   Please pray for Michael and Suzanne and their 6 children.  What they are going through is nothing short of what the early disciples experienced.  What all disciples experience on one level or another....everyday....and will through time.  Also lift up his congregation.  Lift up his legal team for victory in Jesus! 

This is nuts!  Where else but in Phoenix where the Sheriff has the men in imprisoned in tents and wearing pink underwear?  Where it can easily get to 110 degrees in the shade.  And why hasn't HE been removed from office yet by the way?   I'm not old enough to have been cognizant of the fear of communism in the 40's and 50's, and recall little of the 60's and 70's.  But I recently went through a box of memorabilia and read some articles and notes on the goings on at the time.  I gotta tell ya....'t' ain't nothin' much different in Phoenix....'or so it seems'.  Gotta wonder how this kind of stuff can occur in this day and age.  Shame on you who call yourselves leaders and perpetrate as you do in the way you do. 

They apparently 'haven't gotten' that a true leader serves with a servant's heart of love like God, Jesus and Holy Spirit.  How sad.  Can you do that 'over' prisoner's?  Yes.  Should you do that?  Yes.  Could it help them learn what real love the love of the sacrificial lamb?  Yes.  Might it help the folks in prison make better choices?  Yes.  Maybe if leaders weren't perpetually mean and condescending, and those same leaders would rise to better choices, give better examples of what a true leaders should be, we would come to a day where life is kind again.  A time when back door friends were best, loving and caring.  A time when you really did love your neighbor as yourself.  Like the time when the neighbor kindly and without incident willingly gave his colt for Jesus to triumphantly enter he rode to his death humbly....for the lives of all people everywhere....that they may have the opportunity to receive eternal life....and live an abundant life for and with him.

In the name of God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, go forth today considering the choice to love your neighbor as yourself....but be prepared if you live in Phoenix, Arizona for the government to make a different choice.  Sadly.