July 13, 2013 @ 10:13 PM

As I changed the TV channel tonight, I heard the news reporter on 20/20 ask if the jury 'got it right'....the verdict against Trayvon Martin, but for George Zimmerman, as they found George Zimmerman 'not guilty'.  My answer to the question, "Did the jury get it right?", I say a resounding NO!  Skittles....gun.  Adult....child.  George Zimmerman was told NOT to pursue....NOT to follow.  He ASSUMED the CHILD was up to no good, as he drank his can of iced tea and talked on the phone with a friend after he bought Skittles for his little sister. 

How many times have you stood still to talk on the phone?  Were you up to no good?  Should someone follow you when you walk around....pursue you....stalk you....assume you are about to do something wrong?  There are SO many things wrong with this 'not guilty' verdict.  

God, be with the family and friends of Trayvon Martin.  Amen.

Good luck to George Zimmerman, because vengeance IS God's.  AMEN.

Will you dance in the rain again?  For sure....don't walk in it without watching over your shoulder for a self-proclaimed vigilante who may kill you....because he can.....get away with it.

I'm grieved to the depth of my heart and soul.  I cannot fathom the pain Trayvon's family and friends are experiencing.  Pray for them....their pain....their sorrow....any anger.  

Jesus just died all over again over this verdict.  God IS going to enact his vengeance....now....or later.  Believe it. 

And, if you don't already love your neighbor as yourself, if you don't believe your brother is not heavy....you need to start loving and start believing, and further more....start carrying your brother.    

Pray for America.....pray for the world.